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A Directory of Profiles of those who have received smicha (ordination) through the ALEPH Rabbinic Program
By Smicha date

Winter 5766/2006

R'Chaya Gusfeld
R'Lori Klein
R'Eyal Levinson

Summer 5765/2005

R' Chava Bahle S65
R'Shalom Schachter  

Winter 5765/2005

R'Eli Cohen   
R'David Jonathan Cooper
R'Laura Duhan Kaplan
R'Robert Saunders
R'SaraLeya Schley
R'Louis Sutker  
RP'Ellen Weaver 
RP'Pinchas Zohav

Summer 5764 / 2004

R' Andrew Vogel Ettin 
R' Jonathan Seidel

Winter 5764 / 2004

R' Phyllis O Berman
R' Ruth Gan Kagan
R' Elisa Klapeck
R' Shafir Lobb
RP' Dale Schreiber

Summer 5763 / 2003

R' Tsurah August  
R' Allison  Berlinger  
R' Raachel  Jurovics
R' Naomi Hyman
R' Alicia  Magal 
R' Reuben  Modek
R' Colleen Shula Stevens
MR' Rayzl Feuer

Winter 5763 / 2003

R' Fern Feldman
MR' Raachel  Jurovics

Summer 5762/2002

C'Avitall Gerstetter
R'Debora Kohn-Lerner
R'Boni Sussman

Summer 5760 / 2000

RP' Jay Yosef Weinstein

Alphabetic by last name:

R' Tsurah August   S63
R' Chava Bahle S65 
R' Allison  Berlinger   S63
R' Phyllis O Berman  W64
R'Eli Cohen  W65
R'David Jonathan Cooper  W65
R' Andrew Vogel Ettin  S64
R' Fern Feldman  W63
MR' Rayzl Feuer   S63
C'Avitall Gerstetter  S62
R'Chaya Gusfeld  W66
R' Naomi Hyman   S63
R' Raachel  Jurovics   S63 (MR-W63)
R' Ruth Gan Kagan  W64
R'Laura Duhan Kaplan  W65
R' Elisa Klapeck    W64
R'Lori Klein  W66
R'Debora Kohn-Lerner  S62
R'Eyal Levinson  W66
R' Shafir Lobb    W64
R' Alicia  Magal     S63
R' Reuben  Modek   S63
R'Robert Saunders  W65
R'Shalom Schachter  S65
R'SaraLeya Schley  W65
RP' Dale Schreiber    W64
R' Jonathan Seidel S64
R' Colleen Shula Stevens   S63
R'Boni Sussman  S62
R'Louis Sutker  W65
RP'Ellen Weaver W65
RP'Pinchas Zohav  W65
RP' Jay Yosef Weinstein    S00

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R' - Rabbi
RP' - Rabbinic Pastor
MR' - Mashpia Ruchani
C' - Chazzan (Cantor)
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